Repair Crashed SD Card

A Complete Guide of How to Fix Crashed Memory Card

SD card is a secure digital card that is used to store large amount of data at high speed. Inside memory card, there is a row of tiny memory chips which stores data like documents, music, images, etc. These SD cards can be plugged easily into compatible slots on the user electronic devices like digital cameras, smartphones, etc. It holds the flash memory that is preserved even if the device is turned off. They are often used in mobile phones as an extended memory for media storage. However, similar to other data storage media, momory cards can also get corrupted due to various reasons. All this makes the digital card inaccessible and this will make the user to face difficulties while accessing important data stored in it. Therefore, we have discussed different methods to repair corrupted/damaged micro SD card.

Different Uses, Brands, and Size of SD Memory Card

Uses: It is the popular tiny storage device which is used to store any kind of data i.e. images, documents, music, videos, applications, etc. It is mainly used in the mobile phones to extend their storage capacity. Moreover, it offers high data access speed with large storage size.

Brands: There are various brands of SD card available in the world. But, the most popular companies that develop secure digital card are Kingston, Samsung, Sandisk, Toshiba, Polaroid, Transcend etc. One can choose any of them based on their speed and size.

Sizes: Memory cards with diverse data storage capacities are available to choose from. Based on the storage capacity, the type of SD Card also varies. For example, from 1 MB to 2 GB (for standard capacity), from 2 GB to 32 GB (for high capacity), and from 32 GB to 2 TB (for extended capacity).

What are the Causes of Corrupt SD Card?

There are various reasons due to which the SD card become damaged or inaccessible and all of them are discussed below:

As SD card is a tiny storage device, it is vulnerable to any kind of physical damages. Nowadays water proof memory cards are available. But it is also prone to damage, if it comes in contact with water for a long time. Moreover, a memory card is completely made up of electronics. So when it encounters an electrostatic discharge, it gets corrupted definitely.

The operating system of the mobile phones or camera also has a big effect on the security of digital cards. It is because if a user tries to access the data stored on the SD memory card, it will surely pass from the operating system. Therefore, if there is any operating system failure, it results in corruption of the file system. This may lead to the corruption in SD card, due to which the data stored in the SD card will become inaccessible too.

As the time passes, bad sectors can occur on memory cards also, which is quite similar to bad sectors in Hard Disk. However, these bad sectors are the bad storage space, which is not able to store data any longer. Moreover, as the time passes, the number of bad blocks in the micro SD cards also increases. And gradually, the SD memory card will stop running permanently.

Like USB flash drive, a secure digital card is also inserted in a camera or a smartphone. That is why it is inevitable that you need to plug in and plug out the SD memory card. While doing this, if it is handled improperly, for example, very violently or often on multiple different platforms, then the SD card gets damaged. At that point, all your data will become inaccessible.

There are high chances that the memory card is unusable to work due to virus or malware infection in the system. For example, it is possible that you have downloaded a malware on your smartphone accidentally. Then, all your data stored on the SD card will get contracted. At that time, the data may become unreadable and the micro SD card will get corrupted as well.

There are some cases in which a user needs to format the SD memory card. Therefore, if there is any interruption in the formatting process or something wrong happens in between, there are high chances that the secure disk card will get damaged. In these cases, it becomes really difficult to fix them.

Nowadays, there are huge number of SD cards available in various brands. There are some micro storage card, which are really cheap and some are really expensive. The primary reason behind this cost difference is because of the difference in the quality. However, bad quality SD cards must have many faults. Moreover, they are more vulnerable to damage. Therefore, it is always advisable to purchase a memory card with proper considerations.

Various Tips for Micro SD Card Maintenance

In order to move or edit large sized files from SD memory card, it is advised to connect SD card with the personal computer. Copying number of pictures and modifying all of them on the PC is always much better than modifying it directly from the card. It is because modifying and editing data directly on the secure digital memory card, the files may become inaccessible.

If a user wants to insert SD memory card in any computer, it is always suggested to use a proper card reader rather than using USB cable. However, connecting SD Card for long time using a USB cable can drain all battery of camera or computer. It may also lead to corruption, if the USB cable gets disconnected while performing data transfer process.

If you are done with clicking pictures with the digital camera, it is always better to withdraw SD card from the camera instead of keeping it being inserted for the long time. A user is recommended to keep the card on a safe place like in card wallet to prevent it from any kind of physical damage.

Whenever a user want to take away a secure digital memory card out of his phone, camera or computer, etc., one should do it carefully with the help of "Safely Remove Hardware" option available on the Windows rather than ejecting it directly while transferring data or writing process. Or one can turn off the camera or phone first before ejecting the memory card.

One should avoid the use of memory card for media storage, if the battery of the digital camera or mobile phone is low. It is possible that the sd card get corrupted. If the card is still in use and there occurs a sudden power off of camera or phone, then also it gets damaged. Moreover, if the SD memory card is almost full, then one is advised to better stop writing data to it before freeing up some space by moving data to other place.

In order to format the SD card because of any reason, it is suggested to format it in the device that a user wants to use. For example, if a user wants to use the SD memory card in the Sony digital camera, then it will be better to perform formatting by inserting SD card carefully in the Sony camera. Never format the card in one device and use it in the another device.

How to Fix ‘Memory Card is Not Recognized’ Error?

Sometimes, it might happen that a user encounter an error i.e. secure digital card not recognized. Then, to overcome such issue, a user needs to follow the step by step instruction mentioned below:

One can easily resolve this error by following the steps listed below:

  • First of all, press the Windows button & go to Run or press Windows+R key.
  • After that, type devmgt.msc and hit Enter. The Device Manager window will open.
  • Then, you need to expand the SD Memory Card option.
  • Now, look for the Faulty SD Memory Card that is marked with yellow exclaimed mark and right-click on it.
  • After that, click on the Properties from the display list.
  • In last, from the menu bar, click on the General tab.

Note: It is also possible that micro SD card does not recognize error to be resolved by simply updating SD Card Driver. Now, one can update SD Memory Card driver in Windows 10 by following the steps given below.

  • First, open Run window by hitting Windows+ R key.
  • After that, enter devmgt.msc and hit Enter and open the Device Manager window.
  • Then, you have to expand the SD Memory Card.
  • Now, right-click on the Generic SD Card Hub.
  • Next, locate and click on the Update Driver Software.
  • Then, click on Browse my Computer for Driver Software option.


  • A window will pop-up window and displays the list all drivers in the device.


  • After that, from the new window, choose the Generic SD Card Hub and click on Next to continue.


  • The window will begin to reinstall or update the SD Card drivers and display the complete progress report.


  • As the process completes, the success message will pop up on the screen, then click on Close to finish the process.


Note: Repeat the complete process again for all faulty SD card & try to connect them again.

How to Repair Crashed Micro SD Card: Different Approaches

In order to repair and recover data from corrupted memory card, there are various different approaches available one can try them accordingly.

At times, it might be possible that some devices are not able to detect or read the SD card. Therefore, one can try to connect the same SD memory card to some another device.

  • First of all insert the corrupted SD card in a card reader & connect it with your computer.
  • Then, click on the Start option from the desktop and click on the Computer option.
  • After that, look for the your SD memory card in the Devices with Removable Storage and note the assigned drive letter.
  • Next, again click on the Start option and in the search box type cmd.
  • Then, right-click on the cmd and choose Run as administrator option.
  • Here, a command window will open, you can repair damaged micro SD card.
  • Then, enter "chkdsk" followed by the drive letter that you have noted earlier in the steps 3 and after that by a colon & /f.
  • Next, hit the Enter key, the Chkdsk will start looking for any errors and try to fix corrupted memory card.
  • Then, follow the message prompts and check the assigned drive letter to your SD memory card to make sure that the files are recovered or not.

First, connect the SD card with a card reader in the system. If system does not provide a new drive letter to the memory card, then it is not reading the card. However, in some cases, it might assign a drive letter, but still, displays a message i.e. "Please insert the disk into drive E:". It indicate that it is not reading. Therefore, to overcome this situation, it is advised to allot a new drive letter to this crashed SD Card via operating system settings.

If no file is read by the device, then it is possible that directory display the filenames, but unable to access the file. One can right-click on the drive letter and choose the Properties option. After that, if a user is able to view the total used space on the card and it display that space is almost free, then it means all files have been deleted or the directory has been removed. In this case, one is suggested to use inbuilt Sandisk solution that may recover all deleted files from memory card.

It might be possible that a user is unable to save the file due to some write protected mode. Therefore, it is suggested to unlock write protection mode on SD card and alter the file on the memory card. However, if a user is still not able to write on the card, then it might be possible that the files have lost or become inaccessible permanently.

To resolve such kind of issue, one needs to use a disk diagnostic software that works on memory card also. One can also get access back to the SD card by reformatting it because it will delete everything from the card. Thus, before formatting memory card, always make sure that you have copied all the data to some another storage device.

However, when it comes to camera or smartphone one is suggested to use an SD memory card recovery software. There are secure digital card repair tool available online that are capable enough to get the satisfied & accurate recovery results (one such tool is mentioned below). A user just needs to choose the best software for them to restore the missing, deleted & inaccessible files from the SD memory card.

Now, to reinstall the drivers of SD memory card, one needs to follow the steps given below:

  • Click on Start and then right-click on My Computer or This PC option.
  • Then, click on Manage option.
  • After that, from the left side, click on Device Manager option.
  • Now, from the display list double-click on Disk Drives option.
  • After that, you need to right-click on the removable drive storage name.
  • Then, you need to select and click on the Uninstall option and click on OK to proceed.
  • Next, disconnect the storage media & restart the computer.
  • At last, reconnect the memory card again and surely your computer will detect it.

If a user is having an inaccessible SD card, then there are high chances of data loss. Thus, in order to have an effortless solution, a user is advised to use a third-party solution i.e. Memory Card Repair Tool. It is programmed especially to repair crashed SD Card and extract all data stored in it. This tool recovers all type of data stored in the secure digital card like videos, images, document, software, etc. Moreover, the application is compatible with all version of MS Windows also. Therefore, one easily use it to recover corrupt, formatted and deleted data. In addition, it has an advanced search option to search for a particular item in the recovered data.

Download SD Card Repair Software

Working Steps of Secure Digital Card Recovery Software

  • To begin, navigate to Start >> Programs >> SD Card Repair Tool option. As the you launch the software, it display a screen and "Check for Prerequisites".
  • Then, click on OK to continue. After that, click on the Scan Disk button to begin the process:


  • After that, the list of removable media attached to the system with icon gets detected and displays on the screen.


  • Now, you need to double-click on the removable media icon and it will display three Recovery options, which are:
  1. Normal Data (To recover only normal files from the SD Card)
  2. Deleted Files and Folders Only
  3. Formatted Partition


  • Micro SD card repair tool starts the scanning process of memory card and looks for the: currently used bytes & residing files, total used size, number of bytes tool is recovering successfully, recovered files or folders and the total number of recovered files from all detected folders.
  • It will display the complete search result with details like File name, File Size, Type of File, Date of Creation Date & Modification Date. If it is not required, then close the search. You can easily access the search later on from the tool menu using Search icon. You can extract data directly from the search panel by right-clicking the context menu.


  • If you want to recover deleted files from memory card, choose the Deleted Files and Folders Scan option.
  • After this, the search functionality will now supports “Include Deleted Files Only” that helps in gaining access back to only restore deleted files from the SD memory card drive, not normal data.
  • Choose Formatted Scan option, if a user want to recover data from formatted memory card.
  • In last, save the repair and recovered file at any desired and safe location of your choice: