Repair Crashed Pen Drive

Restore the Formatted, Corrupted, Deleted Data from Flash Drives

Pen Drive often called as USB drives is basically a Universal Serial Bus flash memory device that stores and transfers the data like audio, video, data files, images, and many more. A Pen Drive is usually compatible with a local machine or a laptop having USB port. Maximum Pen Drives are compatible with all the Operating Systems. It is really easy to import data from hard drive or other computers with blink of an eye. This name Pen Drive was originated as it had a Retractable port like a pen and can be easily carried within the pocket also. Few other names are also used for the drive like flash drive, thumb drive, jump drive.

Working, Speed, Benefits and Size of USB Flash Drive

The technicians consider the pen drive as NOT, AND i.e., NAND, gate- style designed storage drive. The entire technology works as storing the data in blocks than creating it randomly. It does not work as a systems main memory i.e., RAM, ROM. Making blocks and not creating random access allows the Pen Drive to save more information, and thus reduces the information.

One cannot figure out the actual speed of a Universal Serial Bus flash drive as it is somewhat based on the computers speed of reading or writing on a device. Most probably, the Pen Drives actual speed is reading speed as it is faster than that speed using which the data is written on it. The manufacturers list speed in MBs i.e., Mega bytes per second. The transfer speed is even affected by the writing speed and erasing speed i.e., how long the Pen Drive has been used.

Consisting of large amount of memory, the Flash Drive is taken as an improvement of Old floppy drive disks. It is considered as modern compact disk. These drives can easily transfer the data more quickly than the old technologies. The Pen Drive has no moving parts in it. The flash drives have usually data that lasts longer and the data stored in the drives is much safer and less prone to risks.

Based on size, flash drives are more profitable due to the availability of various range of storage capacities. The very first pen drive incarnated was having a size of 8 MB. Afterwards, many sizes of pen drives came to existence 512 MB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, till 1 TB and soon Pen Drives of 2 TB will emerge. Pen Drive has an added advantage that all the matter can be directly used from the drive without installing it to internal storage in a system.

Uses of a USB Drive

User can easily use the drive as an interfacing device to send the files from one system to other. All the users need to do is, plug it to the USB port. In the same way, the selected files can be shifted to any workstation using a Flash Drive.

One of the best use of a Pen Drive is that it is very light weighted and can easily be fitted even in one's pocket. So, it becomes easy to shift the data from one place to another.

The best usage of the Universal Serial Bus flash drive is its storage capacity. The Jump Drive can even be used as an important device that stores the backup of the files. The users can store the information like important family details, photos, videos, medical records, etc.

Issues Encountered in a Flash Drive

A user encounters following errors in thumb drive while accessing it:

  • Logical
  • Physical
  • Connector Breaks Off: Sometimes, users come across the error where the connectors of flash drives break from the drives circuit board. Many times, this error emerges in the jump drive at the time of ejecting. In such scenarios, the users need to solder it and fix it back in the same position. In few of the cases, the Pen Drives can be soldered but the data is not in a healthy condition. For correcting it, the users need to leave the flash drive to a professional for restoring pen drive data.
  • Lookup Tables and NAND Memory: The USB flash drive makes use of NAND Memory. The Pen drive chip may suffer eventually, if the flash drive is being used a lot i.e., continuous work of writing and erasing the data. While these errors occur, the look up table that comprises of entire data can even comprise of incorrect information. While this error occurs, the drive controller fails to find the data. This enables the system with a dialog pop-up displaying the message that format the drive. If this message is received, users need to visit to a professional for recovery of pen drive to get the data back.
  • Solder Joint Failure: We carry these drives because they are so handy and end up them with many knocks and bangs. These drives get dropped or trodden on. Then in such cases, the users end up with solder joint failures. Once the failure has occurred, the computer is not able to recognize the drive. Sometimes, the error occurs that the drive has only few megabytes of memory in it instead of showing the entire memory. If user is able to case off the drive gently, then the computer may be able to recognize it. To perform this, plug in the drive with case removed. Apply pressure to the NAND Memory Chip and Controller. These components are usually opposite to one another having chip on the side of a circuit board. After gently squeezing the drive users might put them together so that it comes to the functional condition. If it does not work, the users need to take it to a flash drive recovery expert.
  • Low cost and nasty drives usage: If a user intends to buy a device of low cost, it gives him/her shock if a drive refuses to show the stored data. These cheap drives are hacked at times, and show that the memory of drive is so high but instead the memory is low. So, if a user buys a Pen Drive of 8GB, he gets the space of 4GB only. The data if exceeds the storage limit creates an error.
  • Intrusions caused by Virus: Pen drives are more to risks as it is the most common source to transfer data from system to system. Sometimes, we encounter the error while connecting the Pen Drive to system. Thus on shifting or moving important data, it turns out to be shortcut. Then in such cases, the thing that occurs is a virus in the Flash Drive. In such cases, users need to scan the thumb drive and recover it using professional software.
  • Flash Drive Corrupt: The Pen Drives get affected not only because of malware but also due to transmission of data. Then in those cases, the changes of jump drive data corruption occur. So, users should eject the pen drive first and then take it out from the system not forcefully but gently to avoid the occurance of corrupted pen drive..
  • Data Transfer Error: Once the use of pendrive is finished, the users have a tendency to remove it forcefully without ejecting.This can damage the files and corrupt the entire data. So, users should be gentle while removing the drive if they want their data and flash drives to be safe.

How to avoid the Corruption in USB Drive:

This question arises in most of the users mind that how to escape the error? So, the answer is

  • Scan the Pen Drives on Regular Basis
  • Don’t leave the Pen Drives Plugged in system for 24 hours
  • First eject the Pen Drive by command and then manually

USB Drive is not Recognizing

Sometimes users come across the problem that the flash drive is not recognizing. In such cases, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Windows by clicking Windows+R key together.
  • Write devmgt.msc and open the device manager window.
  • Expand the Universal Bus Controller.
  • The USB Drive at fault marks a yellow exclamation mark on it right click on that.
  • Click on Properties from the list opened.
  • Click General Tab present on Menu bar.

Note: The entire error would be resolved simply by updating the flash drive.

The users will come across this question now updating of USB Driver?

Follow the steps mentioned above till step 2. Afterwards, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Expand the Universal Serial Bus Controller.
  • Press the right button on generic USB Hub.
  • Locate update driver software and press it.
  • Opt for browse my system for the driver software.
  • It generates a pop-up showing list of the drivers in device.
  • Next window appears select Generic USB Hub and opt for Next.
  • Window will start the reinstallation of USB Drivers and displays the Progress Report.
  • A message appears showing new pop up window, click close to end the process.

Note: There occur few errors that cannot be resolved individually. Sometimes, users need an expert advice to resolve issues. The above article will help the users to understand the basic and simple methods which can be used. In case, if a user's pen drive is completely corrupted. Then what will happen? Have you ever given it a thought? Isn’t this question toggling your brain and causing hurdles in your way? So, don’t be afraid. We are helping you on this also as we take care of all the requirements of a user. If your USB flash drive is corrupted, just follow the automated solution below as it would be the last guide to get back data from corrupted pen drive.

Know How to Repair Crashed Pen Drive

Tensed about the valuable data in your Pen Drive? Do you want to recover data from corrupted pen drive? No need to be afraid as where there is a will there is a way. So, try Pen Drive repair tool. The software will enable the users to repair corrupted thumb drive, damaged jump drive easily without any hassle. The tool is so efficient that it provides the users with multiple attributes to resolve the issue. Few of them are jotted below:

Thumb drive recovery software offers users with an option to recover, restore videos, documents, pictures, audios and many more from the crashed or corrupted pen drive. It even supports the recovery of both FAT 32 and NTFS Formatted external storage drives. The USB flash drive recovery software provides the users with an option to restore and display the data along with associated properties. The program has filter based advance search option through which they can find items in the recovery results. The software facilitates users with mainly three recovery options i.e., Recover Corrupt, deleted, or formatted pen drives.

Download Pen Drive Repair Utility

Working Of Jump Drive Repair Tool

  • Open Start menu, opt for programs and then USB pen drive recovery software. On the tool, click on Scan Disk option and begin the process.


  • Once clicked on scan disk option, the utility enables users with icons of removable media attached in the system. The user will get the entire details regarding pen drive at right corner of screen.


Tip: The program supports FAT32 and NTFS formatted Thumb drives for Recovery.

  • When a users opts for double click on media icon, it presents the users with three options for corrupted Pen Drive recovery i.e., Normal data, deleted files, folders, formatted partition, normal scan, etc.

Corrupted pen drive recovery option

  • The software scans the flash drives, and figures outs the bytes occupied and the files residing in flash drive. It gives the users partition selected, total size occupied, count in bytes. Software successfully recovers corrupted pen drive folders and total number of files in the detected folders.


  • The search result provided by the software displays the users with File name, file type, and creation date, modification date, full attributes path. Close the search option if it is not required. Users can easily access the search in software menu when the search icon is activated. You can easily extract the data from search panel by right clicking on context menu.


  • Delete the files and folders option enables the users to restore deleted files from flash drive.


  • The search functionality support includes deleted files only which gains the access to restore deleted files from thumb drive.


  • The formatting partition enables the uses with the selected scan if user needs to recover data from corrupted pen drive.


  • Store the files as per requirement at safe location.