Outlook showing Completely Blank Emails in Mailbox


This article discusses an error in Outlook, in which user go through a very strange problem of having completely blank emails in their Outlook Outbox showing the only date. Sometimes emails with blank sender's name, subject and body of the mail. In addition to this, sometimes users also get the completely empty email in their Inbox to having same blank fields as that of Outbox. The scenario as discussed below shows the complete issue of the user in case of blank Outlook emails. So No need to panic on it because this article is completely dedicated to the user having a similar issue discussing all the reasons, cause, and solutions to repair the crashed Outlook Inbox or Outbox with empty body and contents in the emails.


"I am using Exchange Server 2007, and experiencing very weird issue in my Outlook Outbox these days. Most of the Outlook emails are shown as empty with missing subject, body, and empty date including no header and senders name. I am unable to see any information on them unable to find out who or where they are from."

Reason for Outlook showing blank emails

There are various reasons leading to Microsoft Outlook to show blank email in the mailbox. The most common and major reasons are discussed below.

1. Sometimes, such issue is caused due to the incompatibility of Anti-virus plug-ins in Outlook.
2. Corrupted Outlook profile is also one of the important reason causing such issue.
3. The error also arises due to cache mode on the Outlook.
4. Blank emails in Microsoft Outlook are also displayed due to corrupted emails in the Outlook data files.

Suggested solution

Solution 1:

If there is any anti-spam plug-in installed in the Outlook then set it to a low-security level. It is because empty emails in Microsoft Outlook is generated by the Anti-spam software running in the Outlook or are virus containing emails being stripped by the Anti-spam utilities. So configuring the Anti-virus to a less secure email scanning level can resolve this issue.

Solution 2:

If the suggested solution as above doesn’t resolve the issue then maybe the Outlook profile is corrupted. So try to rebuild a new Outlook profile and delete the old one.

Solution 3:

Sometimes the Outlook blank emails are arises due to the enabling cached mode for Exchange. As Outlook is connected with Exchange, so it is required to keep the cached mode in enable state. As disabling it will result in Outlook to work in off-line mode. So one thing the user can do is to put Outlook cached mode in disable state, and then enabling it after performing the test, try to send a test mail to check if it works.

After Outlook is restarted, enable the cached mode again and to do this, follow the below steps:

1. Click on File
2. Then go to “Account Settings”, choose “Account Settings” again from there.
3. An account box will appear showing all the Exchange accounts.
4. Now select the Exchange account from there.
5. Click on “Change”
6. Now select “More Settings” in the next window
7. Now choose the “Advanced” Tab from there
8. Unselect the “Use Cached Exchange Mode” box
9. Now click on “OK” and then “Next” and “Finish”
10. Now close the Outlook and reopen again
11. If the problem is solved then enable the cached mode again by following the same steps, but selecting the “Use Cached Exchange Mode” this time.

Solution 4:

Most of the user are well aware of the Inbox Repair Tool, as it is used to repair corruption arises in Outlook PST file. So due to the corruption of Outlook data file, missing emails and empty emails in outlook is shown in Outbox or Inbox folder of the mailbox. So Microsoft’s inbuilt Outlook Repair tool can be used to repair those corrupted PST.


The above process describes all the possible method that can be applied for blank email recovery in Outlook. After going through the above reasons, if the blank mail as shown previously is not shown in Microsoft Outlook and Inbox Repair Tool doesn’t repair the corrupted mail. Then the user can use a third party tool to recover Outlook emails. As scanpst.exe is only capable of recovering header portion of the Outlook emails not the entire emails. So referring to a trusted and efficient Outlook recovery tool can be useful to perform the operation.