Repaired: Hard Disk Drive is not Accessible. Access is denied Error.


Nowadays, most of the important files and documents are saved in the hard disk as it has large internal space to store the data. We can easily transfer the data from one system to another due to its portable design along with plug and play functionalities. However, the storage device has slower data transfer rates as compared to the internal hard drive connected through SATA.

Sometimes a situation arises when the user has gone through the issue of damage and corruption like other hard drives. So it is suggested to keep the backup and maintain multiple copies of important data at different locations. If it is not done, then due to hard drive corruption it will display the access denied error and the user won’t be able to go through it.

On most of the forum sites, the issues of the hard drive crash are widely asked. When the hard disk is corrupted then most of the time it doesn’t allow the machine to detect it. It generally shows the error message of:

The hard drive is not accessible. Access is denied.

If you are facing the similar error due to your hard disk, then this article should be of interesting and useful to you.


“My laptop is having trouble in detecting my hard drive. This is surprising because last night when I plug it in it was working fine. My notebook by shutting down unexpectedly due to the draining of battery while transferring some files from the hard disk and now, it isn’t recognizing up on my laptop. There are lots of important files on my Hard disk drive. Can anyone give me a solution to the problem help me to retrieve my files?”

Reasons for crashing of Hard Drive

There are several reasons responsible for the hard drive to not recognizing or show “access denied” error while connecting to the system.

Key Cause resulting HDD Failure

1. Physical Damage

Physical damage like liquid, heat, and the collision all these factors results in serious damage to the hard disk drives. Both heat and liquid can result in huge physical harm to the hard disks' electronic parts, which are not worked to withstand either component. Hard drives are sensitive to shock , so a shaking drop or other physical shocks can cause harm the mechanical parts of the drives.

Cautioning Signs

Inadequate ventilation can result in overheating and cause harm to the drive. Ensure that your PC's fan isn't blocked and provides sufficient ventilation and the PC should be cool. Water and shock harm are very difficult to avoid as it arises quickly without any warning. Taking extra care of your PC is an ideal approach to tackling these risks.

2. Mechanical Failure

While most segments of a PC are electrical, However, the hard drive contains some mechanical parts. This results in failure of some mechanical component. This sort of error occurs when the read-write head or different parts get defected resulting typical wear and tear.

Cautioning Signs

Strange sound from the hard disk, for example, granulating, clicking or shrieking likely imply that mechanical error has occurred in the hard disk drive. PC crashes and continuous freezing similar to the previous damage occurs.

Note:Most of the HDD failure can be avoided by implementing proper common sense and by recognizing the issue the hard drive failure can be avoided and can be minimized.

3. Logical damage or System Corruption

We can also call it software failure. In non-Physical damage, the internal system files of the hard drive get damaged. Most of the user also term it as a logical failure and includes malware contaminations, human mistakes, and damaged file records. Sometimes the corruption is so severe that it restrict the system to boot. Most of the times it can be resolved using a hard drive diagnostic tool as the damage is not caused due to the driver’s hardware.

Cautioning Signs

Data loss, drive corruption, and a system crash indicate the system file corruption in the HDD. Different indications can result in PC crashes and the inauspicious "blue screen of death." While encountering these effects, the best thing to do is to make a backup of the system file if it is not created yet. If the data is inaccessible to use then the hard disk utility tool to repair crashed data can be useful.

Reasons for Logical Corruption or system Corruption

Below are some major reasons causing logical system crash in hard disk:
1. Improper removal of the hard drive plug-in pin from the source junction.
2. Due to accidental or sudden power cut while transferring the files.
3. Physical damage due to mishandling or dropping of the hard drive.
4. Virus or malware malfunction also resulting in storage disk failure.
5. Corruption of internal file systems likes DBR, MFT, and FAT.

Suggested Solutions:

Solution 1:Try to change the name of the driver i.e “F:/” from “E:/” to check if it allows the accessing of the driver.

Solution 2:If the above method didn’t work then try to take the ownership of it. To take the ownership:
1. Go to Windows Explorer.
2. Right-click on the hard drive, and choose Properties.
3. Now, go to the Security tab, and then click Advanced.
4. Click on Edit by going to the Owner tab.
5. Now, modify the ownership of the desired account.

Solution 3:In addition to this follow the below steps:

1. Go to chkdsk by running the command:chkdsk /r.
2. Now boot the hard drive in safe mode and access the Hard disk drive.
3. Now accessing the HDD in Windows.
4. Maybe the user can now access the drive, as chkdsk command has deleted the problem causing files.

Solution 4:The ultimate solution for the above error can also be by formatting the hard drive. If the hard drive is not accessed by the above method and still displaying a warning "Hard drive is not accessible. Access is denied". So, in this case, the last option is by formatting the hard disk.

Note:Formatting the hard drive will result in deletion of all the data from the drive. So try to extract and repair crashed hard drive data using a 3rd party recovery tool, in order to protect all the information and then format it.


The best way to recover a crashed hard drive is by using a recovery tool to extract all the data from the hard drive and then formatting the hard disk. By applying the above techniques to repair crashed Hard disk drive data. By using the Hard drive data recovery tool the user can secure all the data safely at a desired location and the hard disk will be free of corruption after formatting. As the hard disk is repaired you can again rebuilt the information in it.