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A Complete Guide Recover your Crashed Data

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The Hard Drive is not Accessible. Access is denied

Posted November 26, 2016 By: Edwin Hoffer

Is your laptop is having trouble to recognise external hard drive? Is it showing error:
The hard drive is not accessible. Access is denied.

There are several reasons responsible for the hard drive to not recognizing or show “access denied” error while connecting to the system. But,the best way to recover a crashed hard drive is by using a recovery tool to extract all the data from the hard drive

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Showing Stored Files & Folders as Shortcut Icon

Posted November 29, 2016 By: Edwin Hoffer

Are you having trouble in accessing data stored on the Pen drive?
While inserting Flash Drive into the system, is it showing as a shortcut icon? During the process of exchanging information data from a infected system data corruption and malware malfunction occurs. Leads to create shortcut icon in our flash drives and makes drive inaccessible.

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Showing Completely Blank Email in Outlook Mailbox

Posted December 06, 2016 By: Edwin Hoffer

There are thousands of emails stored in our Outlook mailbox. Sometime due to corruption caused due to various different reasons leads to show Outlook emails empty with missing subject, body, and empty date including no header and senders name. Lets study about the reasons and solutions of the error arised in Outlook showing emails as a blank message.

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